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If you are a leader responsible for strategy development and its implementation and you want to have the greatest chance of success – Strategisation is for you!

A practical playbook that will help leaders at all levels to be more empathetic and challenge the strategy implementation frameworks they use to mobilise people to win.

If you’re like most business leaders or owners, you want to leave a legacy of growth and success in your organisation.

When implementing strategies to create growth there is an inherent risk of failure – 67% fail due to poor implementation.

You must gain the emotional and intellectual investment of the people in your organisation to back the implementation of your strategy.

Strategisation provides a practical step by step guide to achieving successful implementation through aligning and mobilising the people in your organisation behind your strategy for growth.

“There are hundreds of books that talk about business strategy. Strategisation turns talk into action. The authors find that business strategy document hiding somewhere in a desk drawer and demonstrate how to mobilise the organisation to put it into action.”
Joe Talcott
Partner at Creatism, Former Global Marketing & Creative Director, McDonalds and Group Director of Marketing, News Corp Australia

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6 Key Learnings in Strategisation


What does great look like? One of the main reasons a strategy fails is that formulation of the strategy was flawed from the get-go. Often, they’re not even strategies in the first place but plans, objectives, or a series of tactics.

What’s the difference between a good, bad, ugly, and great strategy? We look at examples of each, pitfalls to avoid, and things to consider when setting out on the strategy development trail.


  • Identify the true challenge: create a powerful challenge statement.
  • Market and business analysis: get the right information.
  • Issues and opportunities prioritisation: focus on the critical.
  • Vision and strategy development and alignment: get alignment on all key
  • Implementation plan: embed implementation and mobilisation into a high-level plan.


At its core, a great strategy is formulated to embed change within your organisation so that you can win in the marketplace. To do this you need to include a representation of those people responsible for its implementation in the design and process of bringing it to life. Implementation failures often occur when the people responsible for making it happen don’t understand it, believe in it, or have the capability to carry out the activities required for implementation.


Without mobilising your people, you won’t achieve the successful implementation of your strategy. Mobilisation is not a deliverable in its own right, rather it is a crucial enabler – a mechanism to bring your strategy to life. We focus on aligning mindsets, providing clarity and ownership for each person’s role in the change, determining what actions they will take within the strategic element guidelines, and getting them to take individual responsibility for their role in implementing the strategy.


  • Understanding the Strategic Population – Walking in their shoes.
  • Do we cascade the strategy? Take it to the right level
  • Clarify the gap and Change – Filling in the gap
  • Mobilisation Planning – Building commitment
  • Stay on Track – Build, measure, learn
  • Manage the squeaky wheels – Don’t let them derail you


A mobilised organisation identifies and captures quick wins to build courage and momentum as you’re going through the changes involved in any strategy implementation. The clarity of the strategic framework allows bottom-up-driven projects and decision making. A mobilised organisation listens carefully to feedback and maintains an open mindset to identify barriers and potential problems, focusing on seeking resolution. The quicker you identify issues, the quicker you can resolve them before they become strategy stoppers.

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Strategisation Overarching Framework

Strategy: The integrated set of choices and high-level plan that will uniquely position you to deliver you vision for the future

Capability: The activities and competencies needed to implement the strategy effectively

People: The culture, values, skills and organisations structure needed for people to implement the strategy effectively

Performance: The measurement and systems to assess implementation effectiveness and to support addressing issues and opportunities as they arise

Mobilise: The ongoing process of effectively engaging people to develop and implement the strategy


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Mike Harley

From studying chemistry and QA tasting Colman’s Spongy Pud on the production line, to leading the Spanish Marketing team for Reckitt Benckiser, Mike returned down under and began reinvigorating brand growth in the largest supplier of food & beverage productions in Australia, National Foods. Every step of Mike’s career has involved aligning people from different walks of life to achieve goals together. Mike joined the XPotential network in 2012 with a mission to help businesses generate growth through their greatest resource, their people. This involved aligning functions and departments, and external stakeholders working together to unlock the growth potential the biggest asset most businesses own: their brand or reputation.

This book incorporates the learning from Mike’s 35 years in corporate, consulting and board roles with his extensive reading and research that has been put into practice in more than 100 businesses with hundreds of leaders over his career.

Mike is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and is a Non-Executive Director of Bicycles for Humanity – Melbourne.

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Lorraine Harley

Lorraine is a storyteller, artist, and creator, who makes stuff to hang on the walls. She has navigated the globe with Mike and provided the grounding needed for him to succeed in his corporate and consulting careers.

A fellow kiwi, she has lived the reality of moving from country to country, city to city, and culture to culture with young children and dealt with the challenges presented.

As co-author of this book, Lorraine has provided the focus, structure, and simplicity necessary to make it an easy read.

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Support Bicycles For Humanity With Your purchase

Mike is on the Board of B4H and as lovers of the freedom that cycling offers, he and Lorraine will donate $5 from every book sold on our website to this awesome charity.

Bicycles For Humanity Melbourne is a completely volunteer run, grass roots registered charity organisation focused on the alleviation of poverty through sustainable transport in the form of a bicycle.

Every year around 1.5 million bikes are sold across Australia. It is estimated that around half of these will end up unused or abandoned. We put this huge resource to work in some of the poorest countries in the world.

Currently our book is only available for direct purchase in Australia.

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